“ABS is all about gaining insights of Asia and being able to grow with it.”
Hong Kong
Cohort 4 (Class of 2016)
As a graduate majoring in Asian Business Studies, I always indulge myself in business and finance in Asia Pacific region. I had prior internship experience in Singapore, which has allowed me to have a deep understanding of the Asian financial markets. Asia is a rapidly growing economic region and somehow determining the world’s economy, it is always wise to seize the opportunity to gain insights of Asia in order to grow with it. That is what ABS has given to me. And I have determined to pursue my career in banking and finance field in this dynamic region.
Experience in a Dynamic Financial Market

CNBC Asia Pacific, Singapore
News Editorial Intern

Working as a business news editorial intern in CNBC Asia Pacific, I had to keep following the financial markets and economies of various countries, including the U.S., Australia, Taiwan, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In addition, I analyzed different Asian financial news and probed into some critical ones for the stories to be told.

Our team members consisted of Singaporean, American, British and New Zealanders. The most unforgettable challenge was that we had come across many conflicts and time constraints!