“Becoming an Asian who knows the culture and language of Asian continent”
Jack WI
Cohort 5 (Class of 2017)
My biggest three interests are Finance, Start-ups and Communication. When I first came to Hong Kong, I wanted to combine these three interests into one and now I finally found the venture capital industry which is to discover value of the small or mid-sized companies and invest on them through financial supports or professional incubating systems. To learn the overall culture and features of buy-side in the financial markets, I had an internship at the private equity fund in Hong Kong in 2014.

Moreover as a Korean, by joining ABS, I can now speak four languages, Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese not by just studying with books but truly mingling with the local people in Japan and China. In addition, I have been writing articles on my own blog about the different business culture and characteristics of Japan and China that I could learn through ABS courses.
Private Equity Fund Internship

Phoenix Property Investment
Investment Team Intern

As an intern of investment team, I was first assigned to conduct due diligence of Korean real estate deals. Since the legal documents and core information of Korean companies and buildings are written in Korean, I had to translate and summarize the information into English and make a PPT with them. During the 10-week internship, I started to learn making finance model of the deals with excel and could finally build my own finance model which includes every variables and expected profit of the 320million USD amount deal.
Hong Kong Model United Nation Conference
Since my high school, I had participated in more than 20 Model United Nation (MNU) conferences including international conference such as THIMUN. HKMUNC is the largest MUN conference in Hong Kong with diverse participants from many countries in the world. As a participant, I tried my best to make a consensus among all delegates and finally achieved the ‘Best Performance Award’ which is the 1st place award of the conference. In addition, I received a HK$2000 scholarship from the HKMUNC Office.