“Glad to be an ABSer to meet this amazing crowd.”
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“Determine to study business for which could make impact and bring people happiness by meeting their desires.”

I am Cindy from Taiwan. I like travelling, sports and movies. I am passionate in various fields, such as arts, new technologies and astronomy. Despite being an arts student, I worked on an astronomy research and participated in ISEF science fair 2015 in U.S.A., which is the biggest worldwide competition, on behalf of Taiwan. On the other hand, I expect myself to become an open-minded intellectual. I travelled to Romania alone and had voluntarily become a trainer teaching local high school students skills like leadership and team management for two months. These experiences allowed me step out from my comfort zone and challenge myself. It also prompted me to join ABS as it provides me opportunities to learn this world, especially Asia, one of the most potential and prosperous economy. Most meaningfully, with ABS, I start from where I come from, know it better, and make it a better place.