“Believing in Asia to lead in the future of business world”
Michael GUO
Hong Kong
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“An energetic student who are passionate about Asia and the world, thereby willing to go out and experience more”

I was born in Hong Kong in 1996, the year just before the handover of Hong Kong to China. The handover has brought many potential opportunities to Hong Kong from the mainland and also other parts of the world. Indeed, as many people say today that there are much more opportunities, as well as challenges, for the younger generation. Nowadays, Asia is becoming a center of the world of business. I firmly believe that Asia will provide me the opportunities and challenges to gain a fruitful life and career.

In fact, I am a friendly and outgoing person. I really enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. In addition, I love playing sports very much because it keeps me energetic. After engaging in table tennis for around ten years, it has already become an inseparable part of me. The most important thing that I learnt from table tennis is to never give up. Persistence and patience in adversity usually generate surprising results. This does not only apply in table tennis games but also in real life experiences.
A Journey to Explore Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel
I joined a fantastic study trip to Israel in late May of 2016 with a focus on Israeli Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The amazing country is dubbed as the “Startup Nation”. It has the highest venture-capital investment per person in the world!

Through attending lectures in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and visiting startups, I have learnt a lot about entrepreneurship, like using attribute dependency to make innovation, understanding startup environments, crowd funding, etc.