“ABS is like a professional map full of unknowns waiting for exploration.”
Susan NG
Hong Kong
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“Dare to dream, dare to lose;
Embracing the challenges, exploring the unknowns;
Living in the moment, looking to the future.”

From the time when I was in secondary school, I already have a dream of starting up my own business in the future. ABS is like an entrance to Asia, a huge promising market in the world, providing me opportunities to satisfy my curiosity to it. Also, as I love learning different cultures and languages, I would love to explore more on them throughout my ABS journey and enrich my understanding of the world. Joining AIESEC in university provides me opportunity to experience the work of HR and helps broadening my horizon on global issues. I believe ABS will not only be giving me first-hand experiences of the fascination of Asia, but also let me grow personally.
Summer Internship in Guangzhou, China

Guangyong Futures

In the Summer of 2016, I have gone to Guangyong Futures for a one-month internship in Guangzhou. As a researcher, I have some routine work to do every day, like updating the news platform and preparing daily report of the price of spot goods. My superior also gave me some opportunities to represent the company to attend the cross-company meeting, and I need to hand in summary reports to her after that. Besides, I also participated as a helper of my company in the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Finance EXPO. There were a lot of different financial firms participating in the EXPO, for examples, banks and equity trading centers. Apart from helping my company to attract potential customers, I also had a chance to visit the booth of other financial firms. In a month time, I have established a deeper understanding in financial industry as well as a good personal network with my colleagues. This experience is like a magnifying glass, allowing me to explore the current situation of financial industry and another side of China.