“ABS is a warm family, supporting me to chase my dream.”
Jonathan NONG
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“Stay hungry, stay foolish. Always be passionate with adapting to new things and creating new things.”

I am from the northern part of mainland China, a beautiful place with snow in winter and maples in autumn.

As an energetic young man, the pursuit of beauty is the theme of my life. The beauty of nature and humanity always touches the softest part in my heart. With my camera and eyes, I have been searching for every amazing moment behind light and shades.

Asia is a beautiful area, not only the natural view, but also its culture and spirit. China, Japan, southeast Asia… The beauty in these places deserves exploration with whole life. Within the exchange program co-operated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Waseda University, ABS has provided me the chance to take a close look at Hong Kong, China and Japan, to connect with local people and to blend in the colorful local culture.

Support and guidance from my director and cohorts also help me on the road of pursuit. ABS is my second home.
Internship in Chengdu

Wharf China
Marketing Intern

In the summer of 2016, I was very lucky to get the chance to join Wharf China as an intern. I worked in Chengdu International Financial Square, one of the real estates project launched in Mainland China.

The 2-month internship brought me a very interesting view about branding and marketing. It also provided me with a close look about how brilliant ideas are born. In July and August, I was involved in a big marketing project called “Light Rose Garden”, working on the marketing activities with newspapers, magazines and other kind of new media platform. And I learned a lot from the real communication process between Party A and Party B.

The most exciting part of this project was the brainstorm stage. After 2-hour discussion about how to make the open ceremony special and lovely, a brand new idea popped to our mind. We held a wedding ceremony for the famous security dog of our company as the Easter egg after the formal activities. It was very successful and impressed all audience on the site. Our security dog became a new star and the “Light Rose Garden” became the new landmark in Chengdu, attracting thousands of people coming to consume.

I think that a lot of great marketing ideas actually come from tiny things you didn’t pay attention to in the past. They are so adorable and true. As long as you use your heart to observe, you won’t miss them.
Company Visit to Plaza Premium Lounge

On March 8, 2016, the 5th and 6th cohorts of ABS went to Hong Kong International Airport for a company visit in Plaza Premium Lounge, a Hong Kong-based company offering airport lounges and premium service. It is always a precious opportunity to get into the back stage of any industry and to understand the real working process behind the surface. The founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Song Hoi-see gave us an impressing speech about his start up history and core values he treasures most. He believes that passion is the most important thing in service industry, which inspires all ABS members a lot. We all feel amazed and satisfied by the industry insight Mr. Song mentioned.