Experience shapes us. Hear what we share about our exchange, achievement and campus life

“ABS is like embarking on a journey of unknowns and excitement.”
Karen CHAN
“Best memories, Best experiences, Best buddies, what’s next?”
Stephen CHAN
“Every day is a brand new adventure as an ABSer.”
“Glad to be an ABSer to meet this amazing crowd.”
“An adventurous student who aspires to explore Asia by joining ABS”
Stephen CHOI
“ABS is an eye-opener for me. I can realize my potential during the journey.”
Calvin CHU
“ABS is all about gaining insights of Asia and being able to grow with it.”
“Believing in Asia to lead in the future of business world”
Michael GUO
“An Asian vibrant journey to time-honoured cultures and business miracles"
Him HO
Asia is the growth engine and we lead the way.
“ABS is a journey full of challenges, urging me to learn and grow.”
Candy KWAN
“Asian Business professional; linking Asia and the world.”
Maggie MAK
“ABS is a warm family, supporting me to chase my dream.”
Jonathan NONG
“ABS is the best journey for me to explore Asia.”
Florence NG
“Global insight with Asian beauty”
Martin NG
“ABS is like a professional map full of unknowns waiting for exploration.”
Susan NG
“Becoming an Asian who knows the culture and language of Asian continent”
Jack WI
“ABS makes me embrace the diversity of Asia.”
Hans WU
“ABS is a journey to explore the ever-changing and vibrant Asia with my chosen family.”
Yannie YEUNG
“ABS, a platform to expose yourself to different cultures”
Janice YUEN