“ABS is like embarking on a journey of unknowns and excitement.”
Karen CHAN
Hong Kong
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“An optimistic and outgoing girl who is keen to learn and willing to keep abreast of world events.”

Aiming to become an informed adult after my university graduation, I am always delighted to explore various places and meet people from all walks of life. Before understanding the others, we have got to comprehend ourselves. Before committing to the world, we must make sense of the place where we come from. That is why I am here in ABS. Though exchanging to two prestigious Asian universities with my cohort, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me to understand Asia. Teeming with opportunities, Asia would be a great place for our cohort to begin our journey.
My Fulfilling Summer 2016
Being interested in event management, I had worked as an event assistance for Fendi and the trade fair organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council in my early summer. Although the periods of working are both relatively short and my job duties are mainly about introducing the new products to customers and visitors, I was so fortune to have witnessed how the press release of Fendi and the fair for fashion week were held in the two events respectively.

Apart from working, I stayed in Vancouver during mid-July to mid-August for both travelling and studying. Spending entirely a month at the University of British Columbia, I took two courses in the Sauder School of Business. Although it was quite rush and intensive to finished two courses within three weeks, I had learnt loads in those extremely interactive classes there. For the strategic management class, the professor invited the former product manager of L’Oréal, Jevta Lukic to have a sharing in our last lesson about how he put the strategic management theories and concepts into real practice. For the New Enterprise Development class, we are required to have a poster board presentation about our company of a brand new products or services. Professor, an entrepreneur, and the whole class could walk around every group and asked critical questions about each company. It was so impressive to have a presentation in such an interesting and brand new way. I did not only focus on my studies, but I also I did participate in various large-scale events in Vancouver, for instance, night nation run and the Honda celebration of Light. Balancing my life between studies and sightseeing, I finally have a taste of being an exchange student.

Working, studying and chilling. This is how I spent my summer.