[Alumni Feature] Onboard from Bucheon - Park Sanghyun Rides the Korean Wave at CUHK
Park Sanghyun (Asian Business Studies, Class of 2014; Morningside College) came from Bucheon, South Korea. Due to his father’s business operations in mainland China, he was relocated to Tianjin for secondary education. After graduation, to broaden his horizons and sate his appetite for adventure and new knowledge, he had thought about furthering his studies in Singapore, Hong Kong or Canada.Of all the universities in the three places, CUHK became the perfect choice for him because of its outstanding Asian Business Studies programme. ‘It was newly launched at the time. I had always been drawn to the limitless potential of Asia, particularly China and Japan. This programme offered lots of opportunities for exchange overseas and suited me well in many ways.’ He also highlighted the relatively high global ranking of universities in Hong Kong in recent years as a major attraction for South Korean students coming here to study.Window to a different Hong KongDuring his four-year university education, Sanghyun had the chance for exchange to Waseda University in Japan and Fudan University in Shanghai. Despite sharing the same regional location in Asia, China and Japan are of course culturally disparate. Even within the same country, one can find different cultures and values in different cities. ‘The differences may be subtle and would take careful examination to notice,’ he remarked. Over the six-month exchange period, he took the chance to familiarize himself with the Japanese culture and even took the initiative to learn Japanese. ‘Your language learning efforts will definitely pay off career-wise.’As a CUHK student, Sanghyun admitted it was the campus atmosphere that changed his erstwhile impression about Hong Kong. ‘I used to equate Hong Kong with Central, where all the suited and booted office workers move in unison to the urban rhythm. But, with the lush green hills and harbour views at the University, I got to see the other side of Hong Kong, where people can let their hair down and relax.’  Park Sanghyun (3rd left), founder of the Korean Student Association, joins forces with other Korean students to promote Korean culture at CUHK College Experience on a Global Scale‘During my first year here, I did have a hard time adjusting as most students spoke Cantonese, which I didn’t quite understand. But later on I founded the Korean Student Association for mutual support and networking among CUHK’s overseas students from South Korea, and close to 100 Korean students joined up,’ Sanghyun said. He also set up a booth at the annual Art Fair on campus to promote Korean culture and recruit new members to join the Association.At CUHK, he was able to have a real taste of hostel life and to discover the University’s international dimension. ‘I made friends with students from the UK, the US, Germany, India, and the Philippines. They were all motivated learners and were receptive to different opinions. We have kept in touch to this day.’ What Sanghyun values the most about CUHK is the beauty of balance. ‘While some universities may put too much emphasis on internationalization at the expense of local essence, the right mix of global and local dimensions is achieved at CUHK.’ Park Sanghyun (2nd right) was an exchange student to Waseda University in Japan for six months The Unifying Force of Dem BeatAs for what is the most ‘local’ aspect on campus, Sanghyun pointed without hesitation to ‘Dem Beat’—or ‘Demonstration of Beat’ in full—which refers to the rhythmic chanting by a group of students through the clapping of hands, stomping of feet, or simple dance moves. At first he did not take to the practice at all. ‘It was so difficult to learn and the moves seemed so silly.’However, Sanghyun soon came round. ‘As it turned out, Dem Beat has the power to unite and the process is most enjoyable.’ The unique college system at CUHK also imparted to him a sense of belonging. ‘To me, the Colleges represent a sense of self-identity. I am proud of the College I belong to. The memory of college life is kept alive long after graduation. Even in my social gatherings with fellow graduates, I am interested to know which Colleges they came from.’Upon graduation from CUHK, Sanghyun first joined Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, as a tax assistant and has recently switched to the global financial markets department of an investment bank. After staying in Hong Kong for seven years, he obtained permanent residency in August this year. He said he would stay put in the next five years and would only consider relocating to mainland China when the country becomes even more developed. Edited excerpts from CUHK Alumni Magazine Issue no. 89 (March 2017), pp. 16–17. Reprinted with permission of the Alumni Affairs Office.
ABS Student Won the Champion at KPMG International Case Competition
Team China, comprising Him Ho (Asian Business Studies, Year 4) and his teammates from CUHK Business School, became the winning team of 2017 KPMG International Case Competition (KICC). The team was the first team from Asia to obtain the title of KICC world champion. The KICC2017 was held in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 10-13, 2017. The theme this year is “To innovate, to disrupt, to transform”, featuring elements of Big Data, turning company data into useable insights and Fin Tech, using technology to drive disruption in the financial services industry. Credit: Video from KPMG This global contest has attracted more than 18,000 applicants from 480 top universities and has brought together the national winning teams from 23 counties to compete for the global final. Team China bested other national finalists and was crowned the champion by the innovative solutions and solid business case they generated.Him Ho, as a graduating student this year, shared his thoughts on his very last business case competition in his university life:“The KICC2017 has provided me with a valuable opportunity to meet and compete with the national champions from more than over 20 countries. It was a wonderful platform to be inspired by the others’ innovative business ideas and the speakers’ thought-provoking speeches. Other than attending the case competition, I have also enjoyed the special Portuguese cuisine and the beautiful view of Lisbon. The outdoor activities, meals, the parties, and every round of the competition were all exceptional and well-organised. Apart from the joy of being the global champion, I want to take this opportunity to thank my lovely team. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with my teammates, Kayee, Marco, and Harry, who are all very bright business elites. I truly believe the synergy between us is incomparable to any other teams.To innovate, to disrupt, to transform. The KICC2017 is definitely a remarkable piece of memory that I will always cherish in my life.”
ABS Student Brought Home the Championship from KPMG Cup
On March 4, 2017, Him Ho (Asian Business Studies, Year 4) and his teammates from CUHK Business School bested nine other teams from top universities in the Greater China region and brought home the champion title of the 2017 "KPMG Cup" National Top Ten Invitational Business Case Competition (KPMG Cup). The team will represent the Greater China region to compete at the KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) in Lisbon, Portugal this April.The KPMG Cup was held in Xiamen University in a similar format to last year’s. All teams were given one week to analyse a business case and to formulate a well-rounded presentation. The best four teams in the first round were shortlisted and were then tasked with another business case analysis to be finished within 180 minutes. The teams presented their ideas to and were asked challenging questions by a judging panel comprised of top management executives of KPMG and scholars in top business schools. Him Ho concluded “The impromptu presentation of the short case has been the most challenging task in the entire competition. Honestly, the short preparation time was rather intense for the team to formulate a detailed analysis, and to create a content-rich yet concise presentation. Despite the challenges we faced, the team maintained a professional attitude and worked efficiently with an excellent division of labour, and by fully utilizing each other’s strengths and knowledge. This has been a valuable opportunity to learn from the competitors, from the judges, and from my teammates.”
ABS Student Captured the Champion in KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016
Him Ho (Asian Business Studies, Year 4) and Kayee Lam (Integrated BBA, Year 3) captured the Champion and the Best Presentation Award in KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016 on February 5, 2017. KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016 is an international business plan writing competition held annually by the Hong Kong Federation of Business Students (HKFBS). This year, with the theme “The Digital Entrepreneur”, the competition attracted over 300 teams. Participating teams were required to build a start-up model incorporating digital technology.Him Ho shared their ideas on the business plan “We understand that Hong Kong people love gourmet but are put-off by the long queuing time, and the high costs imploded by the main food delivery service providers. After some market research, we have identified a unique market opportunity to cater for the efficiency-oriented food-lovers in town. Our business proposal involves creating an online food delivery platform that forms a unique business partnership with local Hong Kong-styled restaurants (“Cha Chaan Teng”) to deliver low-cost, high quality food using foldable bicycles with trackable GPS locators.""My key to succeed in the competition is building mutual trust between teammates in addition to a practical business proposal and presentation skills. I would also like to give advice to the fellow students who are eager to join any kind of case competitions: always be passionate about your products and to be open-minded to take challenges from your teammates.” Him Ho added.
Come and Join Us! – ABS Transfer-in Application & Information Session (7th Cohort, 2017/18)
 The 7th cohort of Asian Business Studies (ABS) will soon accept transfer-in applications! Application Period: January 9 – 20, 2017 With an aim to foster young generation to become international business leaders who well-versed in Asian region, ABS provides you a rich exposure to business practices and culture in three of the most important business centers in Asia – Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong, through a cohort exchange study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Waseda University and CUHK. For admission criteria, please go to “Start your application”. To learn more about and hear our current students’ experience with the program, please join and meet us at the Information Session: Date: January 12, 2017 (Thursday) Time: 6:30 p.m. Venue: LT6, 2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building Registration: Please complete online form here (Deadline: January 11) Note: Students can only accept ONE offer from the three business streams under Integrated BBA Program of CUHK Business School (i.e. Asian Business Studies (ABS), Global Business Studies (GBS), and International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE)).