“ABS allows me to connect with different knowledge, cultures and people.”
Joseph CHAN
Hong Kong
Cohort 4 (Class of 2016)
“I gave my heart and soul to this game” – Kobe Bryant

Joseph is a self-motivated and relationship-driven person. Travelling around the world, meeting people from various backgrounds and learning from different cultural stories are things that Joseph always enjoys to do. During his university life, he joined 3 exchange programs to maximize his international exposures, especially in Asia. He has also interned in HSBC China during his ABS exchange semester in Shanghai, which allowed him to gain first-hand understanding about the unique business practices in China. With keen interest in banking industry, Joseph is going to join the HSBC Global Graduate Program as a Graduate Trainee to start his career.
ABS is Limitless
Limitless is the best word to describe ABS exchange experience.

There were unlimited gateways in both Tokyo and Shanghai that we could assess to new exposures, people and knowledge. For exposures, exchanging in two leading economies in Asia, China and Japan, was already an unpriced journey. Living in the major cities of both counties, we were able to learn their cultures naturally. For people, students from the partner universities were all life-long friends of mine and these international relationships were specially offered by ABS. For knowledge, we were given chances to study in the top tier universities in both China and Japan.

After all, the most important reason why I think ABS is limitless is we can always choose our own ways to embellish and enliven our unique exchange experiences in two countries. If you join us, you can also have your self-directed exchange stories.
From Textbook to Real Life

Joint-University Management Challenge (JUBMC) 2014

JUBMC is a business case competition held by 9 universities in Hong Kong, focusing on real life managerial problems. We analyzed a Chinese cosmetic company and generated a comprehensive business expansion proposal. With the company CEO as one of the panel judges, we eventually outperformed 400+ teams and won the championship.