“ABS is an eye-opener for me. I can realize my potential during the journey.”
Calvin CHU
Hong Kong
Cohort 4 (Class of 2016)
As an ABSer, the knowledge I got during the four-year university life gives me in-depth theoretic knowledge on businesses in Asia. I also worked as an intern in Ernst & Young for getting practical experience, both the theoretic and practical knowledge better shaped my future career path.
Living in the Financial Hubs in Asia
Being an ABSer, who must have deep understanding in Chinese and Japanese business environment, experiencing lives in the two financial hubs, Shanghai and Tokyo, is a better way than learning from papers. During the exchanges, we can get first-hand information from local professionals. Moreover, to develop our understanding of the local culture, we visited different companies, for example, the Shanghai Futures Exchange and Suntory Holdings Limited. These visits gave us an idea of the China futures market and Japanese Business respectively. Besides studying, it is a wise decision to take some time for visiting. There are not many chances that you can get a long vacation once you start working.

The two exchanges give me international exposure that broaden my horizons and expand my network which will benefit me in my future career.
A Valuable Experience

Ernst & Young
Financial Services Risk Advisory Intern

Working in EY is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my university life. Surrounded by colleagues with top academic background, I took this opportunity to learn from them. I am responsible for internal control reviews and Know Your Customer (KYC) reviews for financial institutions. This internship offered me a chance to learn more about the latest regulatory updates and it shaped my future career path.
First Competition

EYAcademy CSR Challenge

This was the first competition I joined in my university life. EYAcademy is hosted by Ernst & Young with an aim to develop future business leaders, who are competitive, entrepreneurial, socially responsible and with a global perspective. Our team was made up of students from different local universities. We worked on a project about Near Field Communication (NFC). From the project, we learnt much about NFC through engaging in research and conducting interview with an entrepreneur. With tireless efforts, we finally got the first runner-up!
Drinking Party after Presentation
Having a drinking party after presentation is unreal in Hong Kong. To experience more, we organized a drinking party after our Japanese Business presentation. We relaxed ourselves, chatted with mentors and other ABSers during the party. Still, this party indicated the end of our journey in Tokyo and everyone felt sad about it.