“Every day is a brand new adventure as an ABSer.”
Cohort 5 (Class of 2017)
“Living in the moment”

I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I am fascinated by creative things such as music, media and fashion. In the future, I hope to run a business in entertainment or fashion industry with my friends.

Living overseas and working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds might lead to a dilemma. However, dealing with unfamiliar tasks is exactly the time we learn and grow up. As an ABSer, I break out of my comfort zone, to face cultural divergences, language difficulties, norms differences and unknown things every day. This kind of adventure and collision allow me to think over my future and the meaning of life, and eventually turn into a well-developed person. I am thankful that I can experience this special journey with other ABSers, not alone.
Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Conference

China Thinks Big Competition

China Thinks Big is a social innovation contest held by Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Conference that encourages students to actively develop innovative solutions to Chinese social issues. My roommate, my friends from Hong Kong University and I decided to form a team for this competition. In the competition, we came up with an idea to conceive a new social enterprise blueprint applying to current situation of China and Hong Kong. We thought we can make use of those abandoned factories in Kwun Tong to transform them into a creative park. Fortunately, we got into the second round and were invited to Harvard University to attend the next round presentation. Even though it was a pity that we could not make the trip due to financial issue, all we learned was how to brainstorm, discuss and complete a task efficiently and effectively with our excellent team work!