“ABS makes me embrace the diversity of Asia.”
Hans WU
Cohort 5 (Class of 2017)
“I am a very positive thinker, and I believe that is what motivates me the most in difficult moments.”

I am a Taiwanese graduating from the High School of Normal University, which features its liberal school spirit. My parents always give me large autonomy to determine my own life, which results in my independent and open-minded personality. My study at CUHK, especially in ABS, encourages me to explore and experience more. Therefore, I am willing to engage in diverse industries to learn different aspects of knowledge. In addition, playing several sports, such as tennis and badminton, makes me a prudent but positive person. During the match, usually, calmness is the most crucial factor to win, and I think it is the same in any other field. In the future, I would endeavor to solve the problem of social inequality in terms of wealth and education opportunity.
Empathy Derives from Real Experience

Dorsett Grand Chengdu, China
Summer Intern

Have you ever expressed your gratitude to those who work in service industry? During the summer internship, we served a group of popular singers and celebrities. It was their arrogant attitude that shocked me a lot. From then on, I realized that mutual respects between different social statuses were the basis of smooth communications. I think everyone should understand every job is equally important and respectable. In lots of circumstances, people are not able to determine their life by themselves. Never shall we forget we are vested interests in the society.
Enjoyed Flowers and Picnic in Ueno Park
When we came to Japan for exchange in Waseda in April, the cherry blossom was in full bloom. ABSers therefore took the chance to gather and have a fantastic picnic in Ueno Park, which is the most famous flower-viewing spot in Tokyo. With blossoms falling around us, we enjoyed traditional Japanese foods and drinks for a whole afternoon. Everything was poetic, although there were other tons of tourists. What’s more, we were even interviewed by a YouTuber!