“Asian Business professional; linking Asia and the world.”
Maggie MAK
Hong Kong
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“Adventurous – love facing challenges
Bright – optimistic with immense energy
Swift – active with quick response”

I am Maggie from ABS 6th cohort. Being a new ABSer, I am so excited to begin a new chapter of my life here. To me, ABS doesn’t equal to exchanges, but it brings in-depth relationships among cohorts, intelligence in Asian business and opportunity to explore. This is exactly why I chose ABS. With the flexibility of ABS and the support of our Program Director, Dr Andy Wong, I believe that each of us can become a bright star when we graduate. In the coming few years, not only excellent academic achievements, but I would also like to create precious memories which will become treasure in my life.
First Taste in Banking Industry

National Australia Bank Hong Kong
Summer Intern

This summer, I feel grateful that I can join National Australia Bank (NAB) Hong Kong, a leading bank in Australia, to have a taste of the banking industry. Very different from previous intern experience, my team mangers allowed me to join in projects and team management meetings rather than assigning me ad hoc tasks and everyday processing duties. This is absolutely a fruitful and precious experience for a student intern.

I was very impressed by the management strategies adopted in NAB as they have good communication and cooperation across teams even they are situated in 3 different countries including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. People in NAB were also nice that they did not only treat you as an intern or college but friends. Mangers and head even do “health test” after meetings to see whether you want to come to office and work!

Other than the special arrangement of my teams, HR department also included a voluntary project for interns in which we from teams and initiate voluntary activities to fulfil corporate social responsibility. This gave us opportunities to organize events with external parties and be creative as there was actually no rigid frame for us to follow. We were free to choose our theme, partner organization and format, literally everything.

Overall, the internship experience in NAB is rewardable and I believe that this will help me in the future journey.
First Gathering of 6th Cohort
Soon after our cohort was formed, we gathered ourselves for a meet. Although it was just a lunch gathering, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we talked a lot. We shared our campus life and everything with each other.  And the most memorable thing was that we talked in three languages as about half of our cohort members are non-locals and they are new to Cantonese.