“ABS is a journey to explore the ever-changing and vibrant Asia with my chosen family.”
Yannie YEUNG
Hong Kong
Cohort 6 (Class of 2019)
“Being both optimistic and pessimistic enables me to spark many ideas. Besides business issues, I am also madly passionate about languages.”

The Asian region is blooming like never before. Countless of unprecedented opportunities are being ignited, but we shall not overlook the clashes and challenges that are coming along the way as well. Being a debater myself since middle school, I reckon it is such an interesting area to investigate in and only if we genuinely understand issues related to business happening in Asia, then we can use it as a means to bring promising prospects to the region, if not the world.
First Cross-cohort Gathering Ever
Learning about Asia is definitely our prime goal, but getting to know other ABSers, is indeed, of equal importance as well. After the company visit to Plaza Premium Lounge, ABSers from both cohort 5 and 6 came together and had a dinner. It was very casual, but also because of that, we could talk, catch up with others and share lots of laugher. People are the most valuable asset in ABS not only because we share the same academic path, but also, our lives together.